Who We Are

We’re anything but mundane, and we have a Bazillion ways to prove it. We’re an animation and VFX house that handles every project like the unique and beautiful snowflake it is, and then we melt it down, turn it inside out and bring it to life in new and exciting ways. If you’re interested in collaborating to create a masterpiece that will dazzle the world, we’re your people.


What’s the plural of “wheelhouse”? Wheelhouses? How about a wheelneighborhood? Whatever it is, we specialize in a bunch of specialties. Here’s a look at what we do awesomely.

  • Animation

  • Visual FX

  • Motion Graphics

  • Character Animation

  • Kitchen Sink

If it moves, we can animate it. We can create custom 3D models, or import your existing 3D manufacturing files and breathe life into them. Count on us to create highly stylized or photorealistic products, environments, or visualizations. Not to mention, output virtually any type of digital media. More importantly, we can animate anything. Yes, we mean anything. Markets of expertise include: Agriculture, Animal Health, Pharma MOA videos, Product Visualizations, and Industrial equipment & process animations.

CG effects? Green screen removal, Livelive-action compositing? Yes, yes and yes! With our connections to talented cinematographers who collaborate with our in-house digital artists, we have a Bazillion ways we can amp up your visual FX. Look to us for: Visual FX for Live Action and Animation, Live Action/CGI Compositing, Green Screen Keying and Replacement, and Photorealistic 3d Elements.

Animation, graphics, illustrations, photos, video or text: We can put them all into motion, while stirring the emotions of any audience. Our talents here include: 2D and 3D Animation, Titling, and Infographics and Explainer videos.

Without compelling characters, a story doesn’t resonate. Whether you’re building a 15-second spot or a three-hour statement, a relatable and motivated character is the thing that gets your audience’s blood moving. They’re laugh, they’ll cry and — most importantly — they’ll react. Our artists’ passion for creating original, compelling characters and bringing them to life in CGI environments or in live-action footage is seen in every gesture. Let’s talk: 2D and 3D Character Development, 3D Character Creation, and Top-notch Character Animation.

Boredom is our enemy. Luckily, we never experience the same day twice thanks to our crew’s wide range of talents and passions and the cool projects our clients dream up. Our work works hard for broadcast, web, trade shows, jumbotrons, live event projections, and architectural projection mapping. We also get serious about video editing, color correction, finishing and full audio services. And when you need something less animated, we’ll throw down some high-resolution still images for good ol’-fashioned print needs. Have a specific need? We’re your people.


Passionate, obsessed and maybe a little bit “different”. .” That’s Bazillion. We’ve spent 20 years dedicated to the eradication of sameness, and we’d love to mix technology and creativity with you. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re your go-to animators and so much more. Let’s create something together.